Remember to lock up

To make a claim if your home is burgled with no signs of forced entry, it is even more important to show you have done everything to secure your home.

It may be like living in Fort Knox but, should someone attempt a break in, with or without a key, your insurer will want to know if you’re house was adequately secured before paying out.

According to the ABI, many home insurance policies require certain locks to be fitted and the insurer could decline a claim if a burglary happens as a result of them not being used.

Before you go away

If you are planning to go travelling and leave your home unoccupied while you do, be aware that a lot of home insurance policies won’t cover you for any incidents if you’re away for an extended period, usually over 30 days.

The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) say:

“If a policyholder is due to be away from their home for more than 30 days then they MUST inform their insurance broker/company. Policies differ but it is likely certain conditions will need to be met, for example having a friend,
relative or neighbor inspect the property every seven days.

“Insurers may even ask for specific measures, such as turning the water off in winter and keeping heating to 10 degrees C minimum.”

And the usual crime prevention advice also applies, such as cancel newspaper deliveries, secure the property and use any automatic light timers.